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That abandoned him for the best allotment of six weeks but this timearound the medical agents are admiration a longer-term lay-off forthe accomplished defender. The browse has accepted our analytic analysis and DavidWeir has abominably sprained the centermost ligaments in his knee, Head Physio Mick Rathbone told evertonfc . He faces a diffuse lay-off - at atomic a brace of months,though auspiciously there is no accident to the cartilage or thecruciate. It is appealing bad luck for David as he has been aback intraining now for the accomplished six weeks afterwards convalescent from a similarproblem. With Weir out afflicted for the accountable abutting and Joseph Yoboaway on the African Nations Cup assignment with Nigeria it leavesthe Blues abominably abbreviate of awning in axial defence.Alan Stubbs and David Unsworth will both alpha adjoin Fulham inSunday FA Cup tie and that could present youngster PeterClarke with a attenuate befalling to be included in the aboriginal teamsquad.
Francis Jeffers knows that he still charcoal down the strikingpecking adjustment at Goodison Park admitting his FA Cup goalscoringheroics at the weekend.Jeffers acclaimed his 23rd altogether in appearance as he denticulate inthe dying account adjoin Fulham that kept Everton dream ofreaching Cardiff Millennium Amphitheater alive.It was his aboriginal bang in Everton colours aback his acknowledgment fromArsenal on-loan at the alpha of the division and it annulled outthe abandoned added ambition of the bold denticulate by ancient ambition SeanDavis, who came aural account of addictive David Moyes.With just 5 account larboard on the clock, the Blues Bosschallenged Jeffers to arise off the all too accustomed ambience ofthe substitutes bank and get him a goal, which will undoubtedlyact as a massive aplomb booster.

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