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09.05.2023 06:22 (UTC)[zitieren]
Yet another FIFA 23 entry Another entry from FIFA 23 Coins . Man City player. Yawn. Also, keep an eye out for non-Citizenson this list, as it will only get more tedious. It's like Pep Guardiola is a top manager in the world, or something, because here's another phenomenally good FIFA 23 player who happens to be featured on his books. In terms of talent, you'll struggle to find a better LB like Cancelo FIFA 23.

He's probably been around since the days before the GTX 970--and , in fact, definitely longer. However, City's most trusted RB has proven extremely fast for his age. A natural athlete who seems to have untapped reserves of speed, there's almost no other right back we'd like to be signing in FIFA 23 other than former Tottenham player of the year.

He's just gifted Ronaldo the 700th club career goal But we'd still prefer to play McTominay. Jokes! The five-time Champions League winner may not get any younger, and his wage could cost you an absurd amount during FIFA 23's Career mode however DMs aren't as experienced or classier than Casemiro.

The most inventive midfielder ever to play in the Premier League... and he's still has a long way ahead of him. The aging Kev has probably been among the longest-running players of world football for the last decade. Not only is he uncompromising in front of goal for an midfielder, but his assist rate is unmatched. The way he performs in these positions are out of date compared to what's happening in the current world of football, but that's FIFA and too much relying upon the older players to help you. In all honesty that these are the 20 most talented players you could be currently signing or playing with during buying FUT 23 Coins .
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13.05.2023 03:42 (UTC)[zitieren]
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